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Our Founder, Ken Nelson, recognised the demand in the identification products business. Tags and Signs in their nature have to withstand the elements and extremely harsh conditions year after year. After much refining and testing that brainstorm developed into Tech Products.

Techproducts was further revolutionised when it introduced its signature product – Everlast.




Who We Are

Each product was carefully engineered and developed in the Techproducts catalogue. Year after year, continuous developments were made to ensure that the products support longevity and endure the factors under which they perform.

We believe that the sign boards are not just a way of guiding or informing, rather the boards are essential contributors in functioning of operations, day to day life and impact lives.

Each product designed and created at our state of the art facility ensures that it’s keeps it promise and brings in value to our customers and its benefactors.

If you google sign boards manufacturers near me or sign markers near me and get this result, please feel free to contact us on 1-800-221-1311.

EVERLAST The Only Sign System to Undergo UL Testing

UL performed numerous durability tests on EVERLAST signs in compliance with UL and ASTM standards. EVERLAST signs were subjected to 30 years worth of UV exposure, salt spray, vibration, abrasion, temperature variation, fumes and more.


Test Results… No change in color or legibility. To receive a copy of the full UL report, please call us at 800-221-1311.

What This Means to You!
1. You won’t have to go out into the field and replace signs.
2. You will save…tons of money…Thousands of dollars.!
3. You will reduce your legal liability.

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